Our mision

 The vision of INDIANES is that banana fiber is the solution to the environmental crisis caused by the textile and fashion industry.

Banana fiber was used for centuries by Colombian
communities and does not require any water or extension of land for cultivation, since it is obtained from the residues of banana agriculture.


Use of agricultural resources

Fiber research and development

Contribute to sustainable development of community

We create products with minimal environmental impact and biodegradable.

Banana fiber comes from waste generated by the banana industry.



 It all starts in the Andes mountain ranges. There is the tradition of banana fiber for centuries.

There the banana is grown and harvested. With the waste of this agricultural process, the indigenous communities have been able to take advantage of the waste and extract from the stem of the discarded plants an organic fiber, resistant and durable.


Tradition and technique have been alive for 3 generations, from INDIANES we seek to strengthen this ancestral knowledge through eco-design, innovation and a lot of human sense, for the benefit of the community, the environment and sustainable economic development. This area was one of the most affected by the guerrillas. Many families had to leave their lands, leave their businesses and experience great insecurity. Today the area is experiencing a period of development and recovery.


In the production of banana fiber, 60 farmer-artisans are involved, many of them mothers who are heads of households.

Circular Economy

The solution to avoid consuming more natural resources.


A large amount of banana agriculture is wasted.

“Every year the banana plant must be cut so fruit can be generated again, which results in a large amount of agricultural waste.”


About 40% of the stalks are waste  in this region, which is around 8.6 million kilos of fiber.

`` Banana fiber, a way to reduce water consumption, the air pollution, waste generation and support communities vulnerable´´.


Obtaining process

Collection of stems discarded by farmers

Fiber extraction

Dyed with natural pigments

Air dried
of the fiber

4.0  technology that generates 0% of waste

Creation of technical fabrics

Design and development of biodegradable products

We create a biodegradable products

Collection available for stores

Reduces emissions of C02 eq up to 45% compared to a traditional shoe.

Currently 65% of C02 eq cotton emissions are generated in cultivation and harvest, While for the production of banana fiber the emissions generated are zero,

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